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Sep 5, 2012 4:00pm PDT
on the commerce committee and became very, very close pals. i mean very close. i admire barbara mikulski so much. she came to congress after wages a successful battle in baltimore baltimore, the battle they were trying to put a highway through the old neighborhood where she lived. she stopped it and she road rode it all the way to congress and then to the senate. she has seniority among women democratic senators, and she's widely respected on both sides of the aisle. >> jennifer: she's one tough cookie. i'm curious whether you think hilly will actually run in 2016. >> eliot: why are you looking at me, because i'm from new york? >> jennifer: you're from new york. >> eliot: i think she will. i think she should. mr. vice president you know any decision like this is so person, where you are in life and what you want to put yourself through, but i think she's universally respected admired whatever tensions there may have been or sensibility of the public there was nothing but respect for her. as secretary of state she has represented this nation superbly, and i think she could clear the field in the
Sep 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
obama and also was secretary of commerce for president clinton and therefore is in a good spot to tell us what it is that president clinton needs to do for president obama. >> well, look, president clinton is in a position having held the office he understand it is pressure, he understand it is challenges, and i think he has a unique feel of america, about his eight years and the success in his eight years. to speak to the american people and tell them the success that has occurred in the last four years and the challenges and what has to be done in the next four years. so he is in a unique position and they are two men but they have the last democratic president come here and speak on behalf of president obama and speak to the american people and speak to democrats to get them, continue to get them enthused as they were last night when michelle obama, great opportunity for the party and a great opportunity for president obama to have president clinton speak this way. >> yes, but what do you think president obama will do for president clinton. >> how about hillary? >> look, i know ever
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to break? >> cenk: no. secretary of commerce or secretary of new york? -- senator from new york? >> eliot: that would be easy for me. senator from new york in the tradition of a patmon happen or -- pat moynihan. we're looking for john kerry in the senate. people who want to talk to ideas. secretary of commerce is a great position but you're marketing for business overseas by in large. senator from new york has a stature, the capacity if you fulfill it to actually be a voice on substantive issues. >> cenk: secretary of labor changing it up on you or senator from wyoming. >> john: can i be an ex-president? that seems like the most fun. >> cenk: george w. bush would definitely agree with you. >> john: i would say senator from wyoming but i think dick cheney pretended to be one. he was a texas resident when george w. bush asked him to be the running mate and had to change his residency to wyoming. but i guess -- i would go for a senator from wyoming because i know there are a lot of good progressives in wyoming who
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Sep 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
for millionaire we invest in roads, bridges and infrastructure, and under pinning of our commerce, and every chamber of commerce i met believes we need to do more of. neil: you can make a compelling argument, would you run for president? >> i'm committed to help obama win reelection. neil: i heard people say you are looking good for 2016. >> that is very nice, i have not spent a lot of time thinking about it. i appreciate you bringing it up, everyone tweets my mom --o that. neil: he did deliver a powerful speech here. it did get the crowd moving, when we come back, richard bloomenthal from connecticut. when they talk about how tight this race is, it is not only in the swing states, richard bloomenthal after this. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis neil: welcome back to the demo
Sep 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
can build a new american dream commerce driven by innovation and creativity, by education and yes, by cooperation. and by the way, after last night, i want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. [ applause ] >> i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states, and i proudly nominate him to be the standard bearer of the democratic party. now, folks, in tampa a few days ago, we heard a lot of talk, all about how the president and the democrats don't really believe in free enterprise and individual initiative, how we want everybody to be dependent on the government, how bad we are for the economy. this republican narrative, its alternative universe says that every one of us in this room who amounts to anything, we're all completely self-made. one of the greatest chairmen the democratic party ever had, bob strauss, used to say that every politician wants every voter to believe he was born in a log cabin he built himself. but as strauss then admitted, it ain't so. we democrats, we think the country works better with a strong middle class, with real oppor
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Sep 6, 2012 8:00pm EDT
but they are not unheard of. frank nap, small be chamber of commerce, also someone who has been big nationally trying to represent small business interests. you say positively. do they say positively to in this administration? >> american sustainable business council is a coalition of over 50 organization, state and national that weapon help 50,000 -- that represent 150,000 small businesses. what we hear most pressing concern to a small business is fact we need more consumer demand. >> what does that mean? a lot of your colleagues have been saying, this president has not heard our pleas. >> i am not sure what pleas they are talking about. you heard earlier that obama administration has -- by 18%, and obama carry created a tax credit for small businesses, who' to offer he'll shumpg. health insurance, there are a number of things that obama administration is doing. we're saying is that our interest, do not match up with interest of big business, we speak for ourselves, we look at issues for what is going to impact small. we know if we can get more capital -- access to capital for small business, and al
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)